One of my main research interests is the analysis of genetic factors that influence multiple sclerosis susceptibility as well as of genetic factors affecting the progression and treatment of MS. In 2016, we have published a large genome-wide association study on MS susceptibility. Currently, I am working on genetic factors influencing the development of neutralizing antibodies against interferon β treatment. For more information, see this publication. Further, still unpublished projects involve genetic factors influencing MRI parameters or vitamin D levels.

Psychiatric genetics is my second major research interest. Here, I am currently conducting projects analyzing MRI structural imaging genetics data as well as an analysis of families with a high prevalence of affective disorders.

Finally, I still find molecular neurogenetics and synaptic plasticity fascinating. After the characterization of a postsynaptic Drosophila gene important for learning and memory,  I have examined synaptic diversity in the Drosophila central nervous system.